Surat Al-Mulk (The Sovereignty) – سورة الملك

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Sahih International

Blessed is He in whose hand is dominion, and He is over all things competent –

Sahih International

[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving –

Sahih International

[And] who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any breaks?

Sahih International

Then return [your] vision twice again. [Your] vision will return to you humbled while it is fatigued.

Sahih International

And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars and have made [from] them what is thrown at the devils and have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze.

Sahih International

And for those who disbelieved in their Lord is the punishment of Hell, and wretched is the destination.

Sahih International

When they are thrown into it, they hear from it a [dreadful] inhaling while it boils up.

Sahih International

It almost bursts with rage. Every time a company is thrown into it, its keepers ask them, “Did there not come to you a warner?”

Sahih International

They will say,” Yes, a warner had come to us, but we denied and said, ‘ Allah has not sent down anything. You are not but in great error.’ ”

Sahih International

And they will say, “If only we had been listening or reasoning, we would not be among the companions of the Blaze.”

Sahih International

And they will admit their sin, so [it is] alienation for the companions of the Blaze.

Sahih International

Indeed, those who fear their Lord unseen will have forgiveness and great reward.

Sahih International

And conceal your speech or publicize it; indeed, He is Knowing of that within the breasts.

Sahih International

Does He who created not know, while He is the Subtle, the Acquainted?

Sahih International

It is He who made the earth tame for you – so walk among its slopes and eat of His provision – and to Him is the resurrection.

Sahih International

Do you feel secure that He who [holds authority] in the heaven would not cause the earth to swallow you and suddenly it would sway?

Sahih International

Or do you feel secure that He who [holds authority] in the heaven would not send against you a storm of stones? Then you would know how [severe] was My warning.

Sahih International

And already had those before them denied, and how [terrible] was My reproach.

Sahih International

Do they not see the birds above them with wings outspread and [sometimes] folded in? None holds them [aloft] except the Most Merciful. Indeed He is, of all things, Seeing.

Sahih International

Or who is it that could be an army for you to aid you other than the Most Merciful? The disbelievers are not but in delusion.

Sahih International

Or who is it that could provide for you if He withheld His provision? But they have persisted in insolence and aversion.

Sahih International

Then is one who walks fallen on his face better guided or one who walks erect on a straight path?

Sahih International

Say, “It is He who has produced you and made for you hearing and vision and hearts; little are you grateful.”

Sahih International

Say, ” It is He who has multiplied you throughout the earth, and to Him you will be gathered.”

Sahih International

And they say, “When is this promise, if you should be truthful?”

Sahih International

Say, “The knowledge is only with Allah , and I am only a clear warner.”

Sahih International

But when they see it approaching, the faces of those who disbelieve will be distressed, and it will be said, “This is that for which you used to call.”

Sahih International

Say, [O Muhammad], “Have you considered: whether Allah should cause my death and those with me or have mercy upon us, who can protect the disbelievers from a painful punishment?”

Sahih International

Say, “He is the Most Merciful; we have believed in Him, and upon Him we have relied. And you will [come to] know who it is that is in clear error.”

Sahih International

Say, “Have you considered: if your water was to become sunken [into the earth], then who could bring you flowing water?”

Tentang Sayyid Istighfar

Saya orangnya sederhana.. Begitu pula dengan pemikiran dan tindakanku, sesederhana diriku. Aku selalu berfikir "biarkanlah sang pedang menebas waktu, sebab aku tak akan berdiri diam untuk dijadikan korban selanjutnya. "Jangan pernah katakan semua yang ada dalam fikiran kita, sebab jika itu terjadi maka kita dengan sendirinya telah merubah takdir kita berjalan semakin cepat". "Berlarilah secara melingkar, maka engkau akan kembali ketempatmu semula berpijak dimana di tempat itu aku selalu berdiri menunggumu dengan kedua sayapku terbuka untuk memelukmu kembali ".. "aku selalu merasa sedang berjalan di atas lengkungan pelangi, memang terlihat tapi saat aku menitinya ,aku selalu terjerembab dan jatuh" "Jika rindu dan cintaku kembali diberi kesempatan untuk menyapamu, maka sambut lah dia walau kedua sayapku yang tajam saat memelukmu membuatmu terluka "..
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